Monday, January 13, 2014

What Went Wrong: The PLO Pushed Out Moderate Arabs

It's Not about Arabs Hating Jews, But Arabs Hating Arabs
- Jack Engelhard

When it comes to the Arab world we simply do not know what we are doing and because of that everything we do is wrong. [W]hen it comes to the Arab world we are strangers in strange lands and we will always be strangers. There is nothing we can fix unless they fix it themselves.

Some time ago, in Bethlehem, when Arafat and his thugs were on the run, tearing it up in Tunis, the Christian Arab mayor of Bethlehem, Elias Freij, implored me to take a message first to Israel and then back to America:
let Arafat and his PLO remain cast out.

“Please do not give them shelter. They will ruin everything.”

The message was not heeded…and they did ruin everything.
(Washington Times)


LHwrites said...

Sad, but seemingly true. But the majority in that part of the world are moderate but they don't speak up out of fear, ennui or simply they are too busy. We have seen the same happen in the hijacking of our own American Republican Party by extremists that lead many moderate Republicans to retire. In both cases extremism leads to disaster, and hopefully in both cases moderates will return sooner rather than later.

Bruce said...

Your comparison of the Republican Party to the Palestinian Liberation Organization is, itself a bit extreme. You must really dislike the Republican Party. They might be a lot of things, but evil is not one of them.