Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Democratic Senator Challenges Obama Policy

Describing the Palestinian Unity Government, Senator Menendez used language starkly different from that used by the Obama administration

Menendez Speaks Sharply on Obama Policy -Michael Wilner

"Severe consequences" await a unified Fatah-Hamas government, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Robert Menendez warned, referring to the new Palestinian Authority as a "two-headed dragon" in violation of US aid requirements.
[Jerusalem Post]

Senate to Review U.S. Aid to Palestinians
Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the American Jewish Committee: "Palestinians must choose between peace with Israel as a Jewish state and a marriage with Hamas, a terrorist organization." He vowed that he will review aid to a Palestinian government which shares power with Hamas.

Menendez also expressed serious concerns about the possible outcome of talks with Iran. "I prefer to have no deal than a bad deal." A good deal "verifiably dismantles" Iran's nuclear program, "sets it back for many years," and has "a robust, intrusive inspections regime" in light of Iran's long record "of deceit and cheating." Menendez pointed out that only Congress can remove some of the sanctions on Iran. 

(PR Newswire)

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