Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kidnapping Scum Identified by IDF


Amer Abu Aysha [left] and Marwan Kawasme (right), suspected by Israel of kidnapping three Israeli teens

Kidnappers Identified by IDF -Avi Issacharoff & Adiv Sterman
Israeli authorities named two West Bank Palestinians as prime suspects in the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank two weeks ago.

The two alleged abductors, Amer Abu Aysha and Marwan Kawasme, are both known Hamas members. They have been missing from their homes in Hebron’s Hares neighborhood ever since the kidnapping took place on the night of June 12 and are still at large. Israeli security forces have been engaged in a massive operation to find the abducted youths.       

The identities of the suspected kidnappers, who attended prayer services regularly at the same mosque, have been known to Israel since soon after the kidnapping, but were kept secret as the search operation continued over the past two weeks. 
[Times of Israel]


Publication of Kidnappers' Names May Aid Capture - Ron Ben-Yishai

The ISA is publishing their names and photos in the hope that someone on the Palestinian side will step up and give them away.

On the Palestinian street it is well known that information on the whereabouts of the kidnappers would be generously rewarded. Palestinians with a family member detained in Israel who want better conditions for him and for themselves may be tempted to come forward and provide information.    

Publishing the names and photos of the kidnappers also proves it was Hamas that is responsible for the abduction, and not some Palestinians who acted on impulse. 
(Ynet News)

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