Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Innovative Anti-ISIS Muslim American


Muslim American Pens Anti-ISIS Cartoon - Phyllis Chesler, PhD

Mohammed Ahmed
A Muslim Somali man who lives in Minnesota has decided to combat the lure of ISIS in a very creative way. Mohammed Ahmed [pictured] has created [a series of] vivid and clear-sighted cartoons at AverageMohamed.com, aimed at children between the ages of 8-16. 

Using verses from the Koran, speaking English, Ahmed explains that the Islamic State terrorist group will not lead them to Paradise—but to Hell; that ISIS engages in genocide; that saving one life is equivalent to saving the world; and that taking one life is therefore equivalent to destroying the entire world.

Ahmed has decided to create a “counter narrative…which is meant to question, challenge, and agitate minds into not accepting what has been told in the propaganda videos.”

Not only is he posting his counter-narrative videos—he plans to travel with them to mosques, community youth centers, and even to families where a family member is planning to join a radical Islamist group.

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