Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Palestinians Cross A Red Line

Aftermath of Jerusalem synagogue attack
Blood soaked tallit [prayer shawl] can be seen
Palestinians in Rafah celebrate the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue on
November 18, 2014 (REUTERS)
Cartoon celebrates synagogue attack

Photos from synagogue massacre placed under weaponry to celebrate the attack

The left photo is a blood trail from the synagogue attack. 
The right image ["the red carpet"] was inserted to celebrate the attack
Three images above are from Palestinian social media

Palestinian Red Line - Rabbi Shraga Simmons

The synagogue is a place of intimate communion with God, where we strive to understand God's ultimate perfection and the meaning of our world. Today that sanctity was desecrated as Jews – in the Holy City of Jerusalem, immersed in morning prayers, adorned in tallit and tefillin – were slaughtered in cold blood by jihadists.
The synagogue held dozens of worshipers at 7 a.m. when the terrorists struck with guns and axes, leaving the synagogue floor drenched with blood.
Four rabbis [were] murdered, may the Almighty avenge their blood...
Responding police officer Zidan Sayif, a 27-year-old Israeli Druze, was also killed by the terrorists. We mourn this grossly horrific act of inhumanity.

Anyone who doesn't recognize that jihadists are fighting a "holy war," has yet to recognize the true root of this conflict.

Even in the wake of this horrific synagogue massacre, official PA television showed images of Bethlehem residents handing out candy in support of the attack, and the official Fatah website praised the attack as a "heroic operation."

[T]oday, as mass murder invades the synagogue, a red line has been crossed.
Our hearts wrench at the horror of this attack.
Our love and concern goes out to the victims and their families.
We pray for the recovery of those wounded.
And we pray that soon, our land will be blessed with peace.
[Aish HaTorah]

Riding the tiger - Shmuel Rosner

The more the Palestinians behave like ISIS – butchering worshipers with an axe triggered such comparisons – the less they [will] find empathy or understanding for any political cause. The more the Israeli-Palestinian conflict looks like a religious war (Temple Mount strife, synagogue terror), the more it looks like a part of a larger trend in Middle East affairs that is not susceptible to diplomatic solutions.

The tiger of violence is dangerous enough – but the tiger of religious wars is even more dangerous. We got a glimpse of him today.
[Jewish Journal]


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So horrible and tragic. No one could believe peace or negotiations will ever come from things like this.

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