Thursday, March 05, 2015

Moses & Netanyahu

Moses in the U.S. House of Representatives - Anav Silverman

Near the end of his address to Congress, Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed to the image of Moses overlooking the lawmakers in the House of Representatives chamber.

The portrait, designed by artist Jean de Marco, is one of 23 marble reliefs that depict historical figures noted for establishing the principles that underlie American law, according to the Architect of the Capitol.

On either side of Moses are 11 profiles that face left and eleven which face right, so that all look toward Moses in the center.
(Tazpit-Ynet News)


LHwrites said...

The problem with bringing up Moses is the same problem with Netanyahu. Moses tried negotiation, punishing sanctions and then war (mostly one sided thanks to his ally). The world went right to sanctions with Iran.
Now, the problem for Netanyahu is if Iran and Syria and others start to also look for a negotiated or else military settlement for the "Israeli problem". Israel has attacked Syria and Iraq for their "peaceful" nuclear programs. Now they want to attack Iran. Yet, Israel has nuclear weapons. Israel attacks it's neighbors without provocation (last Gaza war. But wait you claim---they had provocation---rockets raining down regularly. Freedom fighters trying to end Israeli occupation and Apartheid. After all, look at the UN and find many, many resolutions condemning Israel. ETC. The U.S has always suppressed these types of arguments from getting too far in the UN. By all polls Netanyahu pissed off Dems and Independents alike, and now crazy GOP is insanely marching their party to irrelevancy. #47Traitors is just getting warmed up. Netanyahu is no Moses and latest polls say even Israelis are starting to see him for what he is: A war monger in the mold of George W. Bush. "Shoot first and you don't have to ask forgiveness from a corpse---Yeeha!" He was wrong about Iraq and maybe he should have kept out of it but he bet his credibility on it and lost. In reality Israel has few fast friends and he should've handled everything differently because he can't afford a polarized America because there are plenty who don't support Israel already without such discord. Admittedly G-d had problems with Moses and he delivered a nation though he couldn't walk into it. Not sure Netanyahu will a deliverer or even be in power by the time things improve. Times are changing and all options need to be on the table. The age of armchair warriors has been proven ineffective, harmful and passé.

Bruce said...

I enjoyed reading your use of the biblical Exodus story to make your point. With the destruction of the Iraqi and Syrian nukes, Israel has shown itself always a few steps ahead of anyone else. The same is true now.

LHwrites said...

but you can't actually prove they destroyed anything in Iraq or Syria. They say they did. It's like if your neighbor burns down your house and says you had WMD then, since it's your house and you're not overly friendly, no one is allowed to come and check. Netanyahu promised Iraq was advanced on nukes 'again' and had other WMD and that the world and Mideast would be better off without him. Not true and didn't happen.