Thursday, August 20, 2015

Iran's Intention: VideoBite

  Chilling video above, produced by Iran
New Iranian Video Imagines a Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem  

At the beginning of the video, four groups of soldiers appear, showing their unit patches: the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the Iraqi Shi'ite Badr militia (supported by Iran), Hizbullah (Lebanon), and the al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas).
(Daily Mail-UK)

If Tehran Turns Down the Nuclear Deal - Daniel Pipes, PhD

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the country's decision maker, just might reject the laboriously worked-out agreement that he helped negotiate.

On one level, that makes no sense. As a plethora of analyses have established, the Vienna deal is enormously favorable to the Islamic Republic of Iran, legitimizing its nuclear research, assuring its future nuclear weapons program, helping the economy, and boosting its aggressive international goals. These advantages would make it appear absurd for Khamenei not to accept the deal. Plus, most Iranians celebrate the accord.

But rejecting it makes sense if one focuses not on those immediate advantages and instead looks at its future dangers to the Iranian regime's surviving. Leaders of fanatical and brutal government such as Khamenei's invariably make ideological purity and personal power their highest priorities and he is no exception.

[O]pponents of the deal will, of course, rejoice if Khamenei rejects the deal. But his doing so also presents them with a problem. After claiming that Obama has given away the store, they must confront the awkward fact that the Iranian leadership turned down his offer.

Khamenei's rejection of the Vienna deal would be great news for everyone and especially for the deal's opponents – but the latter urgently need to prepare for this eventuality.
[Washington Times]

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