Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Obama Spits Fire: Punishes Israel for Opposing Deal

Obama Leaks Secret Documents on Israeli Nuclear Program
- Haim Isrovitch & Yossi Melman

Israel and the United States worked together to formulate the Jewish State's nuclear doctrine, archival documents released Tuesday by the US State Department reveal. The documents detail the classified discussions that took place on Israel's nuclear program between officials of the two countries.

The publication of the documents comes as part of a routine release of historical information by the US State Department, however the timing of the revelations, on the background of the disagreement between Israel and the US over the nuclear agreement with Iran, lends them an extra meaning.
There are those who would claim that the timing of the release is not a coincidence, and is in fact intended to embarrass Israel, which staunchly opposes the deal with Iran, and embarrass Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues in his efforts to challenge the Obama administration and influence Congress to reject the deal.
[Jerusalem Post]

President Obama has broken new ground with this leak.  It is now possible to legitimately accuse him of anti-Semitism.  The classic definition of anti-Semitism posits someone who treats Jews differently than others.  There was no leak of old material about the Korean nuclear program.  Nor a leak about the Pakistani nuclear program.  The only document dump was about the Jewish State

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