Thursday, January 07, 2016

Palestinian Scholar on Israel: 'Jews Ain't Leaving'

Bassam Tawil, Palestinian scholar

Jews Are Here to Stay - Bassam Tawil

The only thing the Palestinian leadership and terrorist organizations can agree on is their obsession to destroy the State of Israel and establish a Palestinian state on its ruins. As long as the Palestinians thought they could get what they wanted through negotiations and intransigence, they concealed their true intentions.

However, when it became clear the Israelis would not waive their demand for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state or their objection to the right of return, Palestinian extremism came out of hiding. That is evident from the results consistently obtained by opinion polls carried out by Palestinian polling centers, which show that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians support an armed campaign against Israel and want to see it destroyed.

The Palestinian leadership has not yet internalized that nothing will make the Israelis leave. Terrorism only strengthens their resolve. We keep making the awful mistake of educating our children, generation after generation, to hate the Jews and Israelis and to want to destroy the State of Israel. We continually brainwash viewers of government-run Palestinian TV with the nonsense that, with the help of Allah, the State of Israel is temporary and will eventually cease to exist.

We should have understood a long time ago that Jews exist in Palestine, that they are here to stay forever, and that murdering them in the streets is not going to change anything. The time has come to try creating - for the first time in history - a peaceful and demilitarized Palestinian state, which the Israelis have indicated for decades they would be all too happy to help us achieve.
Bassam Tawil is a scholar living in Lebanon
(Gatestone Institute)


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