Friday, January 22, 2016

Pouring Lighter Fluid on MidEast Conflicts

The Real Story of "Implementation Day" - Charles Krauthammer, MD

The real story of Jan. 16 - "Implementation Day" of the Iran deal - was that in a stroke, Iran shed almost four decades of rogue-state status and was declared a citizen of good standing of the international community, open to trade, investment and diplomacy. This, without giving up, or even promising to change, its policy of subversion and aggression. This, without having forfeited its status as the world's greatest purveyor of terrorism.

Cash-rich, reconnected with global banking and commerce, and facing an Arab world collapsed into a miasma of raging civil wars, Iran has instantly become the dominant power of the Middle East. Iran is the regional hegemon, with a hand - often predominant - in the future of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, the Gulf Arab states and, in time, in the very survival of Israel.
(Washington Post)

The Free World Lost, Big Time - Alex Fishman

The removal of sanctions gives the government in Tehran the power to feed the flames between Shi'ites and Sunnis, between Israelis and Palestinians, and to keep subverting the regimes in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and Jordan, as well as strengthening the Assad regime in Syria. The Western powers haven't merely given Iran legitimacy, but have provided it with material means that will aid it in realizing its destructive vision.

From Israel's national security perception, Iran remains the number one threat - not ISIS or al-Qaeda. The world will take its attention off Iran with time, but Israel doesn't have that privilege: While they go back to sleep, Israel will have to increase its investments in intelligence. 
(Ynet News)

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