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Technology & Terror-Innovation: It's Not Nice To Call Palestinians 'Rats'

Hamas' "final frontier"

It's Not Nice To Call Palestinians 'Rats:' Technology & Terror-Innovation 
- Bruce

Despite the offense that some will take, I can't help comparing our Palestinian enemies to rats. 

Joshua Mitnick of The Jewish Week observed:

Tunneling has been used for millennia in warfare, from the Vietnam War, to World War I, and all the way back to the Roman era and the Jewish Revolt. Hamas operatives used a tunnel in a 2006 border strike in which soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped into Gaza. Hamas has turned to tunneling because it has become the most effective method of psychological warfare against the Israeli population: Israeli fences have blocked suicide bombers and Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system is protecting cities from Katyusha attacks. 

As you can see, Mr. Mitnick is a bit more diplomatic than I, saying Hamas has merely picked an "effective method" long used in warfare.  But I cannot help noting the fascinating shift in methodology:

First Palestinian jihadis adopt suicide bombing.  Israel builds a security barrier.  Suicide attacks are thwarted.  Suicide bombing then spreads all over the world.  Thank you Palestinians.  But, of course, Israel is criticized for protecting herself.  The world's heart bleeds for the terrible effect the "wall" has had on poor Palestinians.  The world's heart was not moved when Israelis were slaughtered in cafes and pizza shops.

Then, when they could no longer enter much of Israel, Hamas (& Hezbollah) turned to missiles and rockets.  The world yawned, at least until Israel decided to defend herself.  But the last Gaza War showed that anti-rocket technology could significantly thwart even that means of murder.  I hasten to add that the aforementioned rocket defense technology, began as President Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" proposal.  Now it's called Iron Dome. 

Despite the positive historical precedent of blocking a missile barrage, following the war, the world again expressed sympathy for the poor Palestinians of Gaza and Israel's horrible blockade. 

Blocked from entering and causing mayhem [thank you security barrier] and blocked from hitting their missile targets [thank you Iron Dome] Hamas, never lacking in murderous creativity, morphed Hezbollah's tunneling technology to create the latest threat to Israel.  Currently, the world is yawning as Israel debates how aggressive to be against this newish threat.  Already responsible for kidnapping IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, this new methodology threatens to lead to mass casualty attacks in and around Israeli kibbutzim near Gaza. 

Anyone wanna guess how this will turn out?  Don't fret, I'll tell you.  Since history is the best predictor of human behavior, we can fully expect that:

1. Israel will (eventually) defend herself and destroy as many tunnels as they can.
2. The world will condemn her for doing so. 
3. Somehow, Palestinians will successfully assert their right to build tunnels. 

I promised at the beginning of this piece to compare our creative enemies to rats.  Before I do so, I must remind my dear readers that Palestinians invented modern terror warfare.  Kindly do not forget that the first terror hijacking of an airline was carried out by (yes, you guessed it) Palestinians.  In that respect, we can thank the Palestinians for 9-11

It is only a matter of time until stabbings and tunnels join other Palestinian terror innovations, and spread worldwide

Imagine a mass casualty attack in the United States carried out by terror operatives tunneling under the Mexican border.  Calls to prevent infiltration there would no longer be a marginal proposal by a controversial GOP candidate [whom I, incidentally, oppose]. 

If I were studying the history of warfare and applying it to the modern arena, I might be impressed with these creative adversaries.  But I am not an impassive observer.  I am a Zionist:

These Palestinian rats have entered their final frontier: under the groundIt is, perhaps, exactly where they belong

There were hints of this a few Gaza wars ago when Hamas leadership hid underneath hospitals.  They figured, correctly, that the IDF would leave them there without consequence. 

Israel is in the process of trying to develop technology to detect Hamas' underground labyrinths.  When they succeed and take action against Hamas, you can bet you life that Hamas will be portrayed by the media as victims and Israel will be painted as the aggressor

If you're an Israeli reading this, you will literally be betting your life.
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