Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The India - Israel Alliance

India-West Asia Relationship - Daniel Pipes, PhD

[India's] Alliance with Israel: Growing relations with the Jewish state offer a singularly bright note. India's population may be over 150 times larger than Israel's (1,300 million vs. 8 million) but the two countries share important qualities.

Most profoundly, their populations adhere to an ancient, non-proselytizing religion. Both practice democracy and secularism, ally with the United States, and possess nuclear weapons. Both have substantial Muslim minorities (14 percent in India, 19 percent in Israel) whose loyalties remain in question as both countries face a potential existential threat from a Muslim state (Pakistan, Iran).

Beyond these generalities, each country has specific benefits to offer the other: The two states can share intelligence. Jerusalem can help with access in Washington, New Delhi can help with access for what remains of the non-aligned movement. In areas where Israel is a world leader, such as water technology, medicine, security, and hi-tech innovation, Indians need what Israelis have to offer even as Israelis need the vast Indian market. Indeed, India's government is about to purchase US$3 billion in Israeli military hardware, Israel's largest-ever sale.
[Hindustan Times]

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