Monday, May 16, 2016

Obama Stretching His Red Line Again: More Use of Chemical Weapons

Can Assad Keep Crossing the "Red Line"? - David Ignatius

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, apparently relying on a government source, reported May 2 that Assad's forces used sarin gas last month against Islamic State fighters after they attacked two Syrian air force bases east of Damascus.

Stockpiles of this deadly gas were supposed to have been removed from Syria in 2014.

"With the continuation of fighting in Syria, it is reasonable to assume that the regime won't hesitate to use these weapons again, especially after already having done so...without any reaction," an Israeli source told me.

Are Obama and Putin ready to tolerate a situation in which the use of chemical weapons is seen as "normal," despite a Russian-American agreement that they should be banned?
(Washington Post)


Assad Regime Drops Chemical Weapons on Syrian Town "in Revenge for Shot Down Russian Helicopter"
- Raf Sanchez

Dozens of civilians - mainly women and children - were rushed to a makeshift hospital in the Syrian town of Saraqib with their lungs burning from chlorine gas. The chemical weapon was dropped onto the town by the Assad regime late Monday in an apparent act of revenge after nearby rebels shot down a Russian transport helicopter, killing five Russian troops. 33 people were treated for chlorine inhalation and all survived.


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