Friday, May 20, 2016

What Starts in Israel, Spreads to the West

from INSPIRE Magazine

Al-Qaeda magazine calls for stabbing attacks in US

An online magazine published by Al-Qaeda’s main affiliate urges stabbing attacks on Americans, following the wave of incidents in Israel. It also says damage to US economy could be inflicted via killings of businessmen and entrepreneurs in their homes. 
The article titled ‘O Knife Revolution, Head Towards America’ published in the Inspire magazine invites “zealous Muslims in America who clearly see their Muslim brothers in Palestine being tortured” to carry out terrorist attacks on the American soil, as quoted by Vocativ.

The magazine says it is the “duty” of each Muslim to “spread this revolt to the throats of Americans in their very own homes.”

Israel has seen a surge in street violence since October with ‘stabbing attacks’ claiming 28 lives. At the same time, security forces killed 133 Palestinians who they said were assailants, according to Reuters.

The article also calls for “professional assassinations” and “home assassinations” of renowned American businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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