Friday, May 21, 2010

Diplomatic Intifada undermines peace

Palestinians Undercutting Peace Talks with Diplomatic "Intifada"
-Khaled Abu Toameh & Herb Keinon

Jerusalem denounced a declared Palestinian Authority effort to isolate Israel and eventually have it expelled from the UN, after the PA announced that it was stepping up its diplomatic and economic "intifada" against Israel.

The idea of intensifying a campaign of delegitimization of Israel was unveiled on by Nabil Shaath [pictured], one of the chief architects of the Oslo Accords.

A senior Israeli official said such a campaign stood "in complete contrast to the peace process." "You can't on one hand say you want peace with Israel, and on the other hand act to delegitimize us. This is unacceptable and raises questions as to the Palestinian commitment to peace and reconciliation."
(Jerusalem Post)

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