Friday, May 07, 2010

'Gaza Siege' is a load of crap

A Palestinian propaganda poster [top]
Cox & Forkum's anti-jihad cartoon [bottom]

Debunking the Gaza Siege Myth -Jacob Shrybman

Later this month activists on a convoy of ships plan to sail for Gaza in the context of breaking the Gaza siege. What siege?

International humanitarian aid has been flowing freely into Gaza for years. 30,576 aid trucks entered the territory in 2009.

During the week of April 11-17, 500 trucks with over 17,000 tons of humanitarian aid entered Gaza. In addition, the UN has pumped $200 million into Gaza following last winter's Israeli military operation to halt rocket fire. In 2009, 10,544 Gazans and their companions left Gaza for medical treatment. During the week of April 11-17, nearly 500 patients and companions crossed from Gaza into Israel for medical treatment, while another over 100 Gaza residents crossed into Israel for other reasons, and roughly 200 internationals crossed in and out of Gaza.
[Huffington Post]

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