Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Is Osama in Iran?

Report: Bin Laden Living Comfortably in Iran -Ed Barnes

In a new documentary, Alan Parrot makes a case that Bin Laden has been living comfortably in Iran since at least 2003.

Parrot was once the chief falconer for the Shah of Iran. One of his contacts, a warlord from the north of Iran, reveals in the film that he has met Bin Laden six times on hunting trips inside Iran since March 2003, with their last confirmed meeting in 2008.

Parrot's story is supported in the documentary by former CIA agent Robert Baer.
(FOX News)

Evidence Mounts of Iran's Ties to al-Qaeda -Kenneth R. Timmerman

According to the Pentagon's first annual report to Congress on Iran's military capabilities and intentions, Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered the Revolutionary Guards to provide weapons and training to the Taliban and other Sunni Muslim groups, despite the conventional wisdom that such cooperation was impossible because of sectarian differences with Shiite Iran.
[Washington Times]

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