Thursday, January 20, 2011

Canadians cave to Iran

Film Showing Cancelled in Canada after Iranian Request
-Robert Sibley, Kristy Nease & Sneh Duggal

Threatening e-mails and phone calls resulted in the cancellation of a film that exposes Iran's efforts to build nuclear weapons and promote terrorism.

The threats followed a formal complaint last weekend from the Iranian Embassy, seeking to stop the showing of the film "Iranium" at Library and Archives Canada. "Iranium," produced by filmmaker Raphael Shore, is a 60-minute documentary that examines the policies of the Iranian regime, including its pursuit of nuclear weapons and its support of terrorist groups.

Fred Litwin, president of the Free Thinking Film Society, said, "It's simply astounding that in the capital of Canada we can't show a film that offends the Iranians.... It's as if the mullahs can enforce their cultural values on Canadians."
(Ottawa Citizen-Canada)


Canada Vows to Screen Documentary Iranium

Canadian Minister of Heritage James Moore has vowed that a screening of the documentary film Iranium will soon take place at the National Archives following the cancelation of the film's showing earlier this week.

The National Archives buckled to pressure and canceled the event as threats of protest grew. The building was ultimately shutdown when two suspicious packages were found.

In response, the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a diplomatic note to Iran following the incident reiterating that Canada is a free country and that freedom of expression is a core value that will not be compromised.

"It has been a principle of the Iranian government to stifle free speech inside Iran. I am glad that the regime will not get away with attempts to do the same in North America," said Alex Traiman, Director of Iranium. 
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