Friday, January 14, 2011

Clinton publicly calls Arabs to task

Clinton: Corruption Is Corroding Arab Economies -Mark Landler

At a regional development conference in Qatar, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that corruption was corroding Arab economies and making life impossible for foreigners who ran businesses in Arab countries.

"Trying to get a permit," she said, "you have to pass money through so many different hands. Trying to open up, you have to pay people off. Trying to stay open, you have to pay people off. Trying to export your goods, you have to pay people off. So by the time you pay everybody off, it's not a very profitable venture."
(New York Times)

Clinton Issues Stark Warning to Arab Leaders on Reforms

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a stark warning to Arab leaders that they will face growing unrest, extremism and even rebellion unless they address depleting oil and water reserves and enact real economic and political reform.
Clinton said the Arab world's economic and political space must be opened up for youth, women and minorities. Without that, respect for human rights, improved business climates and an end to pervasive corruption, she said young people will increasingly turn to radicalism and violence that will bleed outside the region, threatening not only Middle Eastern stability but the rest of the world.
(AP-USA Today)

Assisted Suicide -Lee Smith

The reason the Arab countries do not lead the world in any field is not because they are any more violent or stupid or lazy than anyone else; rather, it is because the culture is set against the very principles of reason that make success possible.

It is no mystery why Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah must come to New York for medical treatment - even though his country is more than wealthy enough to build first-rate medical facilities. The culture of the kingdom rewards students for memorizing the Quran, not for scientific explorations.

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