Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Obama Treats Abbas with Kid Gloves

Kid gloves

Why Isn't Obama Pressuring the Palestinians? -Steven J. Rosen

[T]he Obama administration is raising no public objection to the Palestinians' stance. For the first time since the Oslo peace process started 18 years ago, Palestinian leaders are openly refusing to negotiate with the government of Israel.

It has not expressed one word of criticism of Abbas, nor used anything resembling the pressure tactics Obama has so freely used against the Israeli side. In fact, Obama did quite the opposite on Oct. 7, when he issued a special waiver of Section 7040(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act to transfer additional funds directly to the Palestinian Authority, just as it was announcing its refusal to negotiate.
The writer served for 23 years as foreign policy director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
(Foreign Policy)

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