Thursday, June 02, 2011

BiPartisan Agreement on Israel

VideoBite: The video above celebrates Congressional unity on Israel.  
Peter Wallsten noted in the Washington Post that President Obama "is largely isolated politically in raising the issue of boundaries."


LHwrites said...

I do believe that there is unity for Israel and that Obama is isolated on this issue. I think he is wrong, I think he has, at most, no more of a clue about how to help the Middle East as any other president. I think if he is reelected that this will still not go anywhere because I think he has seen that the public and Congress disagree with him, at least the vocal public that are in a position to get things done. I think he tried to take a different approach, I think a wrong one, but what he discovered is that either he is wrong, or at least a lot of people believe he is. And he has other problems to contend with, such as a possible slowdown of the (so far) anemic recovery. Obama will not prove to be the undoing of Israel.

Bruce said...

I pray you are correct, and the damage he can do is minimal.

Anonymous said...
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