Monday, June 27, 2011

Cutting Edge Israeli App for Android & iPhone

New Israeli Android app

A new app by an Israeli software developer named Nir Yaniv does...nothing. It costs 99 cents. You can read an interview with the developer in Hebrew on YNet, where he reveals plans for an iPhone version of Nothing.

[W]e can expand on this concept. For example, a deluxe edition of Nothing that shows:

*Every Palestinian Arab concession since 1988
*Every example of Mahmoud Abbas' "moderation"
*Every Palestinian Arab "human rights group" that calls for an unconditional release of Gilad Shalit

*Every benefit that a Palestinian Arab state would bring to the world
*Every mention of Jerusalem in the Koran

*How important Jerusalem was considered to the Arab world between 1949 and 1967
*How much the PA has reduced incitement on TV since Oslo
[Elder of Ziyon]


LHwrites said...

If I were them would have left out:
Every benefit that a Palestinian Arab state would bring to the world...
since everything else is factual and allows the reader to draw their own conclusion.

Bruce said...

I think what the author was getting at is that a Palestinian state would be another Gaza.

But you are also correct, in that Palestinians themselves can be productive citizens, as they've been in the USA. In fact, they've been very very successful as a community, secondary to their strong work ethic.

So at least in theory, a Palestinian state could be a functional state.