Thursday, October 17, 2013

Israel & The UN Track Record: VideoBite

This powerful video is worth watching in its entirety.  During the current circus of Israel-Palestinian talks, international voices have been raised suggesting UN forces can save the day.  Recent history teaches otherwise. 
Netanyahu: Iran the Main Obstacle to Peace - Haviv Rettig Gur

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday: "Iran is a large empire. Its offshoots are arrayed throughout the Middle East. It sends them against us. It is in de facto control of Syria, it controls Lebanon, it controls half the Palestinians through Hamas."

Iran's leaders "have no interest in compromise or an agreement," Netanyahu added. "They have the power to control any territory we withdraw from. Their goal is to remove us from here." "We want a real, sustainable peace, not a temporary one. This peace will have to take into account the real forces that surround us: Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas, [Islamic] Jihad, al-Qaeda." "If we don't secure the areas from which we withdraw, there won't be peace."
(Times of Israel)

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