Thursday, October 03, 2013

"The Age of Islamism" Has Arrived...Officially

The Arab Spring” is now officially over -Barry Rubin, PhD [pictured]
The Arab Spring” is now officially over. Basically it accomplished nothing.

It is officially over because Tunisia, whose revolution started the whole thing, has fallen apart.  Tunisia's electoral democracy was as much a failure as Egypt’s. The governing Islamist party failed.
Egypt had a coup; Libya has the growing power of radical Islamist militias.  It’s over; it didn’t work; democracy failed.
Now comes the Age of Islamism not the Age of Democracy.


LHwrites said...

Not necessarily. Let's be real---the coup in Egypt was against an elected official who then tried to push through an Islamist agenda and begin to deconstruct the judiciary check on that power grab. It's hard to support a coup----yet many do support this one. There are always hiccups on the road. Look at how pathetic the Congress is acting in the 3rd century of the greatest democracy to ever grace the face of the earth. We cannot predict the future, so maybe things won't go well in the Mideast, but I'm not sure anyone was predicting a bed of roses up until now, either.

Bruce said...

I'm not optimistic. The Islamist forces unleashed by this "spring" will be with us at least for another generation. I don't see a strong counterforce within Islam [yet].