Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ridiculous: Hizbullah Says Israeli Birds Are Spying

Hizbullah Claims Capture of Israeli Spy-Bird - Roi Kais 

Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV has published images of an eagle which it claimed had an external transmitter attached to its body and an internal transmitter planted in its body.

It claimed that using birds as spies is a well-known Israeli practice, and that wiretapped fowl have been found in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt.
Israel's Nature and Parks Authority said the captured raptor is a Bonelli's Eagle [pictured], a rare and endangered bird that was born in an Israeli breeding center and was released into the wild two years ago.

Tagging birds is a common practice in ornithology as it helps scientists track bird migration routes.
(Ynet News)  


LHwrites said...

With all the tunnels they are building to try to get their weapons into Israel, it is more likely Israel is using rats for spying, rather than birds, anyway.

Bruce said...