Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hamas' "Dead Baby Strategy"

Media Death Count Encourages Hamas - Alan Dershowitz

The media loves to count the dead bodies on each side of a conflict. It's much easier to count than to explain. That's why Hamas employs what has come to be known as "the dead baby strategy."

And Hamas will continue to employ a strategy that causes many Palestinian civilians to die as long as the media keeps up its thoughtless body count.        
(Jerusalem Post & Washington Times)

U.S. Public Support for Israel Near Record High

51% of Americans say that in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, they sympathize more with Israel. Just 14% sympathize more with the Palestinians, according to a national survey conducted July 8-14.  
(Pew Research Center)

What the West Can Learn from Israel's Tactics - Ed Fitch
  • Israel's strategic weakness has always been its small geography (in total, Israel is about two-thirds the size of Vancouver Island). Hamas has starkly exposed that vulnerability through its unprecedented barrages of long-range missiles. Those weapons, many of which are provided by Iran, now threaten the majority of Israelis - more than five million civilians.
  • The psychological impact can be likened to that experienced by Londoners in 1940, a 21st century blitz, albeit with iPhone apps to alert Israelis of incoming missiles. Were it not for the Iron Dome system, the country would be wracked with destruction.
  • The tactics used by Hamas are sure to be replicated by Islamist terror movements elsewhere. Western militaries would be wise to study Israel's tactics and ensure our forces are ready for a new evolution in asymmetric warfare.
(Vancouver Sun-Canada)

Arab World Holds Hamas Responsible -Ryan Mauro

[T]he Islamist terrorist group must be disappointed at the Muslim world’s reaction. Hamas did not get the usual reflexive support and fiery backlash against Israel. In fact, it appears that the terrorist group’s largest support is coming from protests in Europe.

The latest round of fighting is remarkable in what did not happen. There weren’t automatic mass demonstrations against Israel and the West. No major riots or countless photographs of Israeli and American flags on fire across the region. No violence against diplomatic facilities. Even though Fatah fired missiles, there was no large-scale uprising in the West Bank.

The Islamists were unable to whip up the masses with the ease of flicking a light switch. Instead, flickers of the truth are penetrating minds saturated with anti-Western propaganda.
[The Clarion Project]

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