Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Case For Destroying Hamas


Video: The Case for Destroying Hamas

Global View Columnist Bret Stephens on why entering Gaza to oust Hamas for good is the only path toward a safe Israel.
Photo credit: Associated Press.
Why Did Hamas Provoke a War? - Elliott Abrams
Israel’s apparent assessment: keep increasing the pressure until Hamas, which started this war because it saw too many threats to its survival and dominance in Gaza, comes to see continued war as the key threat.
Those who want the violence to end must realize that the larger is the Israeli effort now, the sooner Hamas will conclude this round must be ended.
(Council on Foreign Relations)

Israel Warns Gazans by Phone and Leaflet - Steven Erlanger and Fares Akram

Israel maintains a combat policy in which occupants of a building about to be bombed or shelled are given a brief warning in Arabic to evacuate. The Israelis have used such telephone calls and leaflets for years now, in a stated effort to reduce civilian casualties and avoid charges of indiscriminate killings or even of crimes against the rules of war.

But often, as in a case in Khan Younis, people die in any case, because they ignore or defy the warnings, or try to leave after it is too late.

The Israeli leaflets urged residents not to allow their houses to be used as cover for digging tunnels or smuggling weapons, and provided an email address and phone number for people to report on such activities around them, saying, “Don’t stand idle as the terrorist elements use you.”
(New York Times)

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