Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calling on Arab leaders: Declare Israel is not the enemy

When Will the Arab World Tell Its People "Israel Is Not the Enemy"?
-Barry Rubin

Even in countries with genuinely moderate governments, no official or state-controlled newspaper (and very few intellectuals) dare say: Israel is not an enemy; America is a friend; the true struggle is to raise living standards and promote freedom.

What does it matter if Arab notables speak soothingly at diplomatic parties or in Western media interviews while millions at home are inundated by a very different message? [T]his kind of talk has kept the suckers in line for 60 years now.
(Jerusalem Post)


LHwrites said...

Sadly, focusing on non-issues to blame all your ills has worked before, most notably, in 1930's-1940's Germany. During this 2 year boom of oil money influx it would be nice if the Arab countries worked on modernizing their society instead of their armaments. Sadly, as reflected in some MidEast Soundbites very recently, it does not look like modernizing their society is on the agenda.

Bruce said...

Indeed...we need a new Sadat...though this time with a bullet proof vest!

LHwrites said...

Apparently, no one has been anxious to fill that roll in years. Maybe bullet proof vests aren't considered enough and they are waiting for force-fields. Sad if it will take until the 22nd century---if ever??!!