Friday, March 26, 2010

"Open Season" on Israel?

Analysts See Hypocrisy in Criticism of Israel -Richard Allen Greene

Criticism from the U.S. has made it easier for other countries to condemn Israel, said analyst Mark Heller of Israel's Institute for National Security Studies. "I am guessing [it] somehow opens the floodgates because people might sense that if the U.S. appears to be distancing itself a little bit, then it's open season," he said.

Crisis Gives Encouragement to Israel's Enemies -David Horovitz

While most Israelis believe that prime ministers Rabin, Barak and Olmert traveled a great deal more than half way down the road in their efforts to reach a viable peaceful accommodation with the Palestinians, the Obama presidency evidently feels differently. It is wrong and it ought to know better, but this administration apparently still believes that Israel had the capacity to go further.

The American response emboldens Palestinian and wider Arab extremism. If America publicly brands Israel worthy of such bitter condemnation, then the worst of the extremists can confidently expect their violence against Israel to be granted still more indulgence internationally than it already enjoys.

By deliberately inflating the Ramat Shlomo issue into a public crisis of faith in its ally, the Obama administration has given encouragement to Israel's enemies, turned more of Israel's friends against it, and potentially put every Israeli's life in a little more danger.
(Jerusalem Post)

Netanyahu Can Say "No" -Efraim Inbar

The timing of the crisis serves Israel well - just before Passover - when Jews repeat a 2,000-year-old text pledging, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Rejection of the division of Jerusalem expresses the deepest wishes of an overwhelming number of Jews living both in Israel and the diaspora. Jerusalem has never been a capital of any political entity, except that of a Jewish state, and Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem for the past 150 years.

Moreover, the Arab residents of Jerusalem, if given a choice, would in all probability prefer to live under Israeli sovereignty than become part of a failed Palestinian state.

[T]he Israeli interest in keeping Jerusalem united is more intense than the Obama desire for a foreign policy success.
(BESA Center-Bar-Ilan University)

The White House War Against Israel -Edward Alexander

The decision of the Obama White House to pick a public fight with Israel...has by now been subjected to sharp and justified criticism for its disproportionality; its bad faith in reneging on signed agreements with Israel; its mean-spirited spitefulness; its dogged attachment to the exploded assumption that "settlements" are the cause of Arab intransigence; its desire to keep intact the possibility of an apartheid state of Palestine that would not accommodate a single Jew; and its entire indifference to the violence that its reckless statements could (and did) incite in Jerusalem.

Treating America's Friend with Disdain -Shmuley Boteach

Dividing Jerusalem, as it had been split until the Six-Day War, is the single gravest risk to Israel's security.

Just imagine a Palestinian capital, with Palestinian forces, only miles from Israel's Knesset. Would Israel really sign a suicide pact to put all the organs of its government within easy striking range of Palestinian rockets? Haven't we seen this happen before with Sderot and Gaza?
(Jerusalem Post)


LHwrites said...

Many good points. It is time for the Obama administration to step up and explain that regardless of a few differences, America's steadfast commitment to its MidEast ally Israel. and its sovereignty and security, will always be assured and of primary importance.

LHwrites said...

Quite a choice of picture by the way!

Bruce said...

President Obama did say those things...but then he snubbed Netanyahu by not allowing photos or joint statement. Treating him like a third-world dictator is amateurish and wrong.

I almost did not use the cartoon, which impressed me as childish and crude...i guess my using it makes me somewhat childish and crude.
Bruce :}