Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reflections on American-Israeli Diplomatic Crisis

Obama Pushing U.S.-Israel Alliance to the Brink? -Dan Raviv

In the cause of pushing for progress toward Israeli-Arab peace it looks to many as though Obama is brandishing a big box of matches and a large jerrycan of gasoline.
(CBS News)

A New Low -Noah Pollak

It appears to be official policy in the current administration to approach the peace process as an opportunity to reorient the U.S.' position between Jews and Arabs in the region.

Palestinian incitement, the PA's public celebration of terrorism, the rioting in Jerusalem, the ongoing Palestinian refusal to participate in negotiations - none of these have warranted any American comment whatsoever.

In fact, I cannot recall a single time when an Obama administration official has criticized the PA for anything.

Are U.S.-Israeli Relations Headed for a Train Wreck? -Joel C. Rosenberg

Given rising and serious threats against Israel from Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hizbullah, is this really the time for the White House and State Department to be throwing a temper tantrum over Israel's right to build houses in its capital?
(National Review)

Israel Sends Message on Jerusalem -Editorial

As Benny Begin put it, had the announcement been made two weeks in advance of Biden's visit, Israel would have been accused of undermining it. Had the announcement been made two weeks after Biden's visit, Israel would have been accused of deceiving him.

The fact is, there is never a good time to announce something that either the Palestinians or the U.S. will not like. Apparently, they will never like Israel's assertion of sovereignty over Jerusalem.

No Israeli government, on either the right or the left, is willing to deny 3,000 years of Jewish history, hundreds of mentions of Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible, as over against zero mentions in the Koran.
(Intermountain Jewish News)

Netanyahu: Israel Will Keep Building in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset:

"No government of Israel for the last 40 years has agreed to place restrictions on building in Jerusalem....During that time, all these governments have built in the suburbs of Jerusalem. The establishment of these Jewish suburbs did not harm the Arabs of east Jerusalem in any shape or form and did not come at their expense. Regardless of whatever political differences there may be in this house, everyone agrees that all of these neighborhoods will remain part of Israel in any final peace settlement."
(Prime Minister's Office)

U.S. Israel Criticism Ignites Firestorm in Congress -Matthew Lee

A bipartisan parade of influential lawmakers has taken aim at the administration's decision to publicly condemn Israel for its announcement of new Jewish housing in Jerusalem.
(AP-Washington Post)

The U.S. Quarrel with Israel -Editorial

The [US] president is perceived by many Israelis as making unprecedented demands on their government while overlooking the intransigence of Palestinian and Arab leaders. If this episode reinforces that image, Mr. Obama will accomplish the opposite of what he intends.
(Washington Post)

U.S. Anger Is Excessive -Avi Issacharoff

Palestinians see the Obama administration's decision to attack Israel as an invitation to adopt a more confrontational line. The PA has smelled blood. So why not start a riot and blame the Israelis, especially when the U.S. government is doing the same.

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