Thursday, August 30, 2012

If Jesus came to Bethlehem Today

Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity

If Jesus Entered Bethlehem Today

Identifying Jesus as “a Palestinian living under an occupation” has become normative for Churches in the current anti-Israel crusade.

[T]wo thousand years ago, a Jew named Jesus, Yeshu in Hebrew, short for Yehoshua, was born in Bethlehem. The child was circumcised, he lived as a Jew, prayed as a Jew, performed Jewish rituals and spoke in Aramaic to his fellow Jews. It occurred 600 years before Islam raised its head for the first time.

If Jesus were to enter Bethlehem in 2012, he would be lynched as a Jew, the massacre would be excused [and] the “anger” fully justified in international eyes, while his “settler parents” would be demonized in the Western newspapers for provoking the native population.

If Jesus “the occupier” were to live today in Judea or Samaria, he would not be allowed to walk in the wadi under his town, he would not enter the surrounding villages because he would not come out alive, his movement would be limited, he would not leave his community at certain hours, he would not hike except in groups and only when someone is carrying a weapon, he would lock his door at night, his road would be closed for hours because of shooting, he would go to school by armored buses, he would drive with a ceramic vest, he would build a fence, he would install cameras, he would constantly face firing and possible lynching.

While there are thousands of Palestinian Arabs in Israeli hospitals, what would happen to a bleeding Jesus if he entered a hospital in Bethlehem today?

Shame on these anti-Semitic bishops, hypocritical journalists and self-righteous intellectuals...
[Arutz Sheva]
[Hat tip: Linda F]


John Vagabond said...

One of the reasons Islamism in Gaza and the West Bank is winning the propaganda war (neglecting for a moment the shameful indoctrination of their young) is their very intransigence - a black and white easy-to-grasp mindset which stands in sharp contrast to the reasoned approach which is more time consuming and, frankly, requires greater intelligence and willingness to debate.

Bruce said...

Indeed. Jew hatred resonates with many aspects of Palestinian Arab society and is, as you point out, easy to swallow. Oy.