Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Islamist Tidal Wave...World's Greatest Threat"

Why Islamism is the World’s Greatest Threat -Barry Rubin

No, it sure isn’t the age of Aquarius or of Multicultural, Politically Correct love-ins. It’s the age of revolutionary Islamism, especially Sunni Islamism.

And you better learn to understand what this is all about real fast.Focusing on the Sunni revolutionary Islamist tidal wave, the foundation of knowledge is that there are three types and they are all bad, very bad. A lot of people are going to be misinforming you about this and getting others—never themselves, of course—killed.

These are the people who are coming to power. They hate their Shia counterparts generally and will kill them also at times. They will drag down their countries’ economies. Ironically, they will succeed in making Israel relatively stronger as they beat and burn and tear down; as they set back their countries economic advancement; as they kick half the population (the female) down the stairs.

They will lose. Just as the Communists did; just as the Nazis did; just as the Fascists and Japanese militarists did. But how many decades will it take? How many millions of people dead and injured? How much human potential and natural resources wasted?

And will Western policy make easier the ultimate triumph of moderation, moderation that includes millions of anti-Islamist Muslims and also includes lots of Middle Eastern Berbers, Kurds, Turks, Iranians, Druze, Christians and—yes—Israel. Or will the West make things harder, longer, and worse?

Of victory, I have no doubt. Of Western good sense, all too much uncertainty.
[Gloria Center]


John Vagabond said...

This from some while back - I wonder how relevant it might be today?


Bruce said...

Very relevant...I'm a big fan of Dr. Pipes and try to attend his lectures as often as I can. His wisdom still sometimes leaves me breathless.

LHwrites said...

This was a very interesting piece. I think it summed up the threat in a well conceived historical context. I think, fortunately and unfortunately, that it is right that peace will prevail---eventually. I think the West will do what is required---sadly this might come to war and more death first. Only the Iranians and their like minded brethren across the MidEast can help the world and their people avoid that. Not sure there is the will or enough concern for their people to do this. Not sure why that is though.

Bruce said...

Barry Rubin is insightful writer. Cuts thru partisanship well to focus on policy.