Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Review: MidEast comes to life

Book Review: A lively new book that reads like an extended episode of "24"
-by Bruce

I have rarely allowed myself the pleasure of writing my own words on this blog. I am making this rare exception for a wonderful book: Behind The Lies.

Well maybe 'wonderful' is not the correct word. Perhaps "gripping" or "frightening" would describe it better. However, the fact remains that this work of historical fiction is a very close to current reality and makes an excellent read. I could barely put it down to attend to my life. The text had the same effect on me that "24" does. For those unfamiliar with "24, it is a strangely compelling television series that focuses on terrorism. Why would anyone want to be entertained by terrorism? I don't know. But I can tell you that I was most definitely entertained while reading Behind The Lies.

The author uses an effective tactic to raise ones hair: short chapters which constantly change the point-of-view. At one moment Israeli secret operatives are sneaking through Iran under cover of nightfall. The next moment one is underwater in a secret Iranian nuclear submarine headed for San Francisco. Then you're at a meeting with the mullahs of Iran.

The text begins with an eerily familiar premise: an Afro-American US President dealing with an belligerent Iran. The President in the book deals head on with this belligerence. Let's hope our current President steps up to the plate like this fictional President.

I highly recommend this excellent novel. Bravo Mr. Smiga.
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