Friday, April 09, 2010

Nuclear Charade: "Pretend Play"

Pretending to Prevent an Atomic Iran -Rich Lowry

The rules of the great Iranian nuclear charade are simple:

We pretend to punish the Iranians for the nuclear-weapons program that they pretend doesn't exist.

The Obama administration is about to go to the UN Security Council for a fourth round of sanctions. Remember the first three rounds? Models of collective international action, they passed unanimously while Iran spun ever more centrifuges and enriched ever more uranium. The sanctions won't be "crippling," and will hardly even have "bite." They will be carefully "targeted," UN-speak for "limited to the point of meaninglessness."

Absent a revolution, there are two ways for the charade to end - with a nuclear Iran, or an Israeli or American military strike. Everything else is commentary.
(New York Post)

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