Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can't sing Hebrew in Kuwait

"I have written in Russian and performed in Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese and French. Does that make me a spy for France or Britain?"

Kuwaiti Singer Sparks Furor for Singing in Hebrew -Habib Toumi

Kuwaiti singer and composer Emma Shah, 28 [pictured above], has sparked furor in Kuwait after she sang a song in Hebrew at a local club.

After she sang: "Come...Let us rejoice, be happy, enjoy" in Hebrew as part of a recital of songs, she was immediately accused of promoting Zionist ideas and pushing for normalization of relations with Israel.

Shah said she was shocked by the negative reaction to a song that called for peace and co-existence. She insisted that the song did not include any insults to Arabs.
(Gulf News-UAE)

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