Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Has Obama decided to allow Iranian nukes?

U.S. Allows Iran Its Nuclear Vision - Greg Sheridan

President Obama has decided to abandon any serious effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He is determined instead to live with a nuclear Iran, by containment and, if possible, negotiation.

Obama and his cabinet secretaries still make speeches saying they will try to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. But if you look at the statements closely you see a steady weakening of resolve, a steady removal of any threat of any consequence for Iran.

The troubling realization that the Americans have given up, or are in the process of giving up, the fight to prevent Iran going nuclear is backed by the best informed security sources in Washington, London, Jerusalem and Canberra.

By isolating Israel, by irresponsibly unleashing a global wave of anti-Israel sentiment, especially in nations which normally support Israel, Obama has made the possibility of Israel considering unilateral action against Iran much more unlikely and has made the potential cost to Israel of action against Iran much greater.

There is no chance Obama will produce a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. There is every chance history will remember him as the American president on whose watch Iran became a nuclear-weapons state.
(The Australian)


LHwrites said...

I don't necessarily agree with this thesis, and would need to see it picked up and supported by a few more reputable analysts before I take it as fact. The security council has been in agreement lately on Iran and the idea of more stringent sanctions. I believe, as I have said here many times before, Obama is also tied by the heavy-handed mistakes in the MidEast of the last administration. He may be trying to build a consensus, and I do not know whether anyone in the administration is willing to accept a nuclear Iran, though there may not be an easy choice because even military action does not always get the result you hope.

Bruce said...

The thesis can only be tested by time...based on the goings on of the past year or so, the thesis is at least plausable. And compelling. Though I pray you are right. The article strokes my worst fears of a President who doesn't 'get' the MidEast.