Thursday, April 29, 2010

Might Iran light the spark?

U.S. Navy Has Encounter with Iranian Jet -Anne Flaherty

A U.S. military official says the Navy had a close encounter with an Iranian surveillance jet on April 21 in the Gulf of Oman. The jet buzzed a Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower, coming within 1,000 yards of the ship in international waters.

How the U.S.-Iran War May Start -Lenny Ben-David

Why does everyone assume that the U.S. or Israel are the only ones with military options?

If war breaks out, the spark could come from miscalculations by the overconfident Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Persian Gulf.


LHwrites said...

I find it hard to imagine that the Iranians want a war with the US, especially as we wind down in Iraq and would have more troops available. There is no doubt that they have a bigger army with more national pride, an elected (somewhat) government and a more unified feeling for the US. Nevertheless, I believe some of the threats made about what would happen to us if we invaded Iran are meant to frighten us or bolster them, but I cannot imagine they would look to test that. However, anything is possible and they may feel that a victory against the US would make them the supreme power in the region even without nuclear weapons. I think the flight was more likely a taunt or an effort to embarass the US or get them to do something to be condemned. If the Iranians want war, they need only do such a close flight with an armed plane that locks its armament on a US ship. If they do that, then I would agree they are looking for engagement.

Bruce said...

Hm...depends on how suicidal they are.