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'Blood Thirsty Peace Activists'

"Any Israeli act of self-defense becomes a massacre, and any confrontation, genocide"
-Pilar Rahola, a Spanish journalist, writer, and former politician pictured above

Facebook Meets the Flotilla -Daniel Gordis

[R]iots are breaking out in Israeli Arab towns, Israelis in Istanbul have been warned by the Foreign Ministry not to leave their hotel rooms, and the international community is raining down condemnation.

On Israeli news tonight, the soldiers were interviewed. They descended the ropes, they said, planning to talk the “activists” into going to Ashdod. Their weapons were not in their hands, but strapped to their backs. “We went into war,” one in his 30’s said bitterly tonight, “and all we had were toys.”

They were beaten, trampled, shot (yes, there were bullet injuries) but only after forty minutes of combat did they resort to live five. They were going to get lynched if they didn’t fight back, they said.

They want the blockade broken so that after that, non-humanitarian items (read weapons) could brought in. Why should Israel allow that? So that they can be better armed the next time we have to send our kids into Gaza?
[Daniel Gordis]

"Peace activists" use stun grenades as the footage above shows

Boatloads of Bloody-Minded Pacifists -Andrew Bolt

Only on one of six ships did the Israelis meet resistance - on the Mavi Marmara, supplied by a Turkish "humanitarian relief fund" known as IHH.

In 2001, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, the prominent French counter-terrorism magistrate, testified that IHH had played "an important role" in the plot to blow up Los Angeles airport. In 2006, Turkish security forces raided IHH's Istanbul bureau and found firearms, explosives and bomb-making instructions. Turkish investigators concluded this "charity" was sending jihadists to Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan.
(Daily Telegraph-Australia)

Arab Media: Flotilla Participants Preparing for Martyrdom

The flotilla delegation included two members of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc in the Egyptian parliament: Muhammad Al-Baltaji, deputy secretary-general of the Brotherhood bloc, and Hazem Farouq.

The flotilla delegation included Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood activists such as delegation head Wael Al-Saka and Salam Al-Falahat, who was general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan from 2006 to 2008.

Prominent activists in the flotilla delegation were three Yemeni MPs from the Al-Islah party, an Islamist party that is close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Peres: Soldiers Were Beaten for Being Humane -Ahiya Raved

President Shimon Peres said that "the soldiers were beaten just because they did not want to kill anyone. Any other army would have immediately used their guns."
(Ynet News)

Israeli Flotilla Raid Was Justified -Jay Ambrose

[I]t's "disproportionate" to fight back. That's the word French President Nicolas Sarkozy used, and I guess if he had been attacked with metal poles, baseball bats and knives, he would have done the proportionate thing and let these monsters beat him to death.
(Orange County Register)

Flotilla's Aim: Open Sea Corridor for Hamas -Yaakov Lappin

Ely Karmon, a senior security analyst at the Institute for Counterterrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, said that "the real force behind" the flotilla was "several Hamas front organizations and especially the Turkish IHH, a radical Islamic organization close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

IHH supports Hamas materially and its strategy of armed struggle, and (was) outlawed by Israel in 2008." The flotilla's aim was to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza, thereby enabling Hamas to import long-range missiles, as Hizbullah has been doing in recent years in Lebanon, Karmon said. "Israel cannot permit itself to have a Hizbullah-like entity on its southern border, 60 km. from its heavily populated central region."
(Jerusalem Post)

Israel Was Right -Leslie H. Gelb

Where was all that international outrage and demand for explanations and retribution when the North Koreans sunk a South Korean ship? Where was it when the Gazans attacked Israel? Where, when Afghan men flogged their women for not wearing veils? Where, when Saudi Arabia funds terrorists around the world?

This international outrage is highly selective, isn't it?
(Daily Beast)

The Freedom Flotilla Fraud -Editorial

The main lesson learned from the incident on the ship Mavi Marmara is:

Don't bring a paintball gun to a knife fight. The initial frenzy of denunciations of the operation in which nine people died is fading in the cold light of facts. The "peace activists" on board were armed and looking for a fight.
(Washington Times)

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