Friday, June 04, 2010

Poignant Sarcasm: Elliot Chodoff on target

Condemn Israel - Then Investigate -Elliot Chodoff [pictured above]

[R]ather than hailing the ship and boarding it, Israel might have utilized the quietly criticized, but otherwise accepted, North Korean tactic of a submarine-launched torpedo to sink the ship [see simulation above]. This would have spared the world the drama of "peace activists" having to try to smash the skulls of IDF naval commandos with steel rods.

Alternatively, Israel could have adopted the Iranian post-election crowd control method, raking the ship's deck with machine gun fire. It worked for Ahmedinejad; barely a peep was heard from the UN and its assorted organs, and Iranian protest has become a thing of the past.
[MidEast On Target]

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