Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elton John takes Tel Aviv! [with video coverage]

Elton John began his Tel Aviv concert with "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting," possibly an endorcement of Israel's stuggle with its neighbors

Elton John Slams Boycotting Artists at Israel Concert

[T]he British icon performed in Tel Aviv, despite pressure from pro-Palestinian activists and fellow artists to boycott Israel following the flotilla debacle off the coast of Gaza.

"Shalom, we are very happy to be here. Ain't gonna stop me [from] coming here, baby!" John said.

The piano man then took a swipe at those artists, including Elvis Costello, Santana, the Pixies and Devendra Banhart, who have bailed on concerts in recent weeks. "Musicians spread love and peace, and bring people together. That's what we do," he said. "We don't cherry-pick our conscience." [That was a swipe at] Costello [who] specifically called his decision to cancel a show a "matter of instinct and conscience."

As for the concert, the Jerusalem Post said John "turned into a human jukebox for two-and-a-half hours," mixing old and new favorites spanning his four decade career. Songs played included 'Levon,' Rocket Man' and more obscure hits like 'Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters' and 'Captain Fantastic.'

An estimated 50,000 fans crammed into Ramat Gan stadium in Tel Aviv.

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