Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yahoo Divides Jerusalem!

Yahoo uses iPhone application to back Palestinians

A few weeks ago, many iPhone users noticed that something had changed on their pre-installed weather application. The data for Jerusalem, as supplied by Yahoo, simply stopped updating. But this was no bug in the system. A new search for Jerusalem now gives users a choice between West Jerusalem in Israel and East Jerusalem located in the West Bank.

Yahoo has independently created the new East Jerusalem location.
[Honest Reporting]


SUCCESS! - Yahoo Reunites Jerusalem

Following a flood of complaints to Yahoo, it appears that the internet giant has listened. A new search for East Jerusalem now returns no results while a search for Jerusalem (or West Jerusalem) sees Israel's capital reunited into one city located in Israel.

Yahoo is one of the Internet's largest companies. As the default weather application on one of the most popular smart phones, Yahoo's influence on the public cannot be understated.


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