Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Flotilla Aftermath

Israel Backlash Divides Turkey -Marc Champion

Turkey is dividing over the government's handling of the Gaza flotilla affair and the role of the Islamist charity that organized the aid convoy. Opposition politicians and some newspaper columnists have expressed concern that the government has been riding public anger at Israel's actions. That, they say, puts at risk Turkey's delicate balance between East and West and allows the charity, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, or IHH, to have a hand in determining the nation's political agenda.

"The [EU] and the U.S. consider Hamas as a terrorist organization. We should be careful," head of the main opposition [p]arty, told Turkish television, referring to the support the IHH and Turkey's government have shown to Hamas. He also demanded the government release communications with Israel prior to the incident, suggesting it let the flotilla proceed despite knowing that violence was likely.
(Wall Street Journal)

Managing the Gaza Blockade -Editorial

No one who supports a peace settlement in the Middle East can also favor the removal of all controls on ships traveling to Gaza. The result would be a repeat of what has happened in southern Lebanon since Israel's withdrawal: the massive supply of weapons, including medium-range missiles, to Tehran's client.

Hamas used Iranian missiles against Israel during their 2008 conflict, and an open sea border would only multiply the odds that such a war would be repeated. It would hand Hamas, which vehemently opposes an Israeli-Palestinian settlement, the means to interrupt peace talks at any time.
(Washington Post)

A summary video of the entire flotilla incident

A balanced 2 part investigative report on the flotilla incident

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