Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Defeating the Hydra


Slaying the Syria-Iran-Hizbullah Hydra -Hossein Askari

If the Tehran regime were to fall, Syria's Assad would be isolated and forced to compromise with his Arab brethren and as well as with the U.S.; if Assad were to fall, Iran's mullahs would face insurmountable hurdles in supporting Hizbullah; and with the fall of either the mullahs or Assad, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's days would be numbered (and with the fall of both his days would be almost over).
(National Interest)


LHwrites said...

Nice graphic! This seems like a plausible thesis, however the changes necessary for this to come about are not so easy nor necessarily forthcoming. Syria seems more vulnerable to the changes envisioned than Iran does right now.

Bruce said...

Correct on both counts. But don't count Iran out entirely. The Persian people have thrown off an unpopular ruler before.

Tensions between Iran's mullahs and their non-mullah leadership could lead to a weakening and reveal a vulnerability.