Monday, July 11, 2011

Killing the Music

Syrian Protest Singer Slain for Anti-Assad Tune -Roee Nahmias

Ibrahim Kashush became the latest symbol of the ongoing Syrian uprising. Equipped with a megaphone, Kashush started singing in front of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Hama last Friday, in a song titled "Be Gone," in reference to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

"Come on, get lost, ya Bashar," Kashush chanted, "Take your brother Maher with you and take off!" "Your legitimacy has vanished, Bashar the liar....Bashar, be gone."

The song became an instant hit and one of the main anthems of the protests. Four days later Kashush's body was discovered with his throat slit.
(Ynet News)

UPDATE: Video added

Except for the reference about Bashar being an agent of the United States, this chant is fairly catchy...may its brave author rest in peace


LHwrites said...

Sad an all too typical a response from repressive regimes.

Bruce said...

Indeed. Bob Dylan wouldn't survive a second under these regimes.

LHwrites said...

Nor would many a blogger I know!