Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Yasir Arafat School of Public Communication

The Yasir Arafat School of Speaking and Public Communication -Barry Rubin

Teacher: OK, now assume you’re on CNN. What do you say about Israel?

Student: The evil satanic Jews are enemies of Islam and must be wiped out!

Teacher: No, no. [Points at the teacher’s pet]. Can you tell us what the answer should be?

Student 2: Yes, teacher. We would like to live in a just and lasting peace with Israel but the Zionists are aggressive and oppress our people. The Palestinians are the new Jews.

Teacher: Excellent!
[Pajamas Media]


LHwrites said...

Interesting and applicable but I don;t really know what to say!

Bruce said...

Nor do i. This clip was a creative blip in an otherwise unrelated article. I couldn't resist.