Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Abbas, ever the moderate, greets terrorists as heros

Abbas Greets Palestinian Prisoners: You Are Freedom Fighters

Palestinian prisoners freed in a prisoner exchange crossed into the West Bank and Gaza, where large crowds and dignitaries greeted them in ecstatic celebration.

In the West Bank, released prisoners were taken to the grave of Yasser Arafat, where Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told them: "You are freedom fighters and holy warriors for the sake of God and the homeland."

Palestinians Chant: "The People Want a New Shalit"

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in the West Bank to celebrate the release of prisoners, chanting: "The people want a new Shalit," Israel Channel 2 TV reported.

"I think that straight away there will be two or three more Shalits," said Muhammed Isawiyeh, a relative of a prisoner. "There are still 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in jail."
(Jerusalem Post)


LHwrites said...

He just gets worse and worse without even a pretension anymore of being a statesman or peacemaker. If he ever had it in him---Hamas has driven it completely out.

Bruce said...