Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Soaked Deal

A short video highlighting the murderous crowd being freed for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit


Rabbi Bryan Kinzbrunner said...

This is the challenge of the situation. Do you release killers to save one of your own? I am torn and I think will remain torn because objectively it is dangerous, yet... Unfortunately, I came across a disturbing link regarding Gilad's father, Noam's language:,7340,L-4135508,00.html

Bruce said...

Oh my.

The Shalit family has not impressed me with their understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Instead of protesting against Israel's Prime Ministers, they should have been protesting goods entering Gaza and moving to isolate Hamas.


LHwrites said...

It is never easy to exchange and Israel never gets a fair deal. When one side reveres each of its own and the other is giving their children up to martyrdom it will never be a fair and balanced equation.