Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drawing Lessons from Nuke Escalation

The Saudis Will Want the Bomb, Too -Michael J. Totten
It's no secret that Saudi Arabia will want nuclear weapons if Iran gets them. There's an interesting angle here that hardly anyone seems to notice.

Israel is supposedly the mortal enemy of the Arabs. Right? So how come no Arab state bothered getting nuclear weapons after Israel acquired the bomb?

Either the Arab war against Israel is less serious than the conventional wisdom would have it, the Arab-Persian conflict is more serious than the conventional wisdom would have it, or both.


LHwrites said...

The Arabs believe Israel wants to coexist and would only use nukes if attacked with WMD. Since it is some of the Arabs that don't want to coexist they know that only nukes in unfriendly Arab hands gives Israel that kind of provocation---which is a no-win situation for any of them. Now however, the Arabs know Iran wants regional supremacy an is trying to tip the balance of power. In ideology and intentions Iran is a threat to just about everyone else. And everyone else knows it.

Bruce said...

Agreed. The anti-Iran coalition should be put together soon. I wish our President spent as much time on that, as he does publicly reining in Israel.