Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Harvard Medical School's Pro-Smoking Conference

Slick image from the sponsor of anti-Israel conference at Harvard

Harvard's Latest Assault on Israel -Ruth Wisse

•A conference at Harvard next week called "Israel/Palestine and the One-State Solution" is but the latest aggression in an escalating campaign against the Jewish state.

•The roster of speakers and subjects makes their hostile agenda indisputable.

•Freedom of speech grants all Americans the right to prosecute the verbal war against Israel. But let's differentiate toleration from abetting. Harvard may tolerate smoking, but its medical school wouldn't sponsor a conference touting the benefits of cigarettes.

•Students who are inculcated with hatred of Israel may want to express their national, religious or political identity by urging its annihilation. But universities that condone their efforts are triple offenders...
The writer is a professor of Yiddish and comparative literature at Harvard University.
(Wall Street Journal)

Should Harvard Sponsor a One-Sided Conference Seeking the End of Israel?
-Alan M. Dershowitz

Ask yourself what Harvard would do if a group of students and faculty decided to convene a conference on the topic, "Are the Palestinians Really a People?," and invited as speakers only academics who answered that question in the negative?

Let there be no doubt that the call for a single state solution is a euphemism for ending the existence of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Many of those speaking at the Harvard conference are on record opposing the existence of Israel. Many of the speakers at this conference will rail against "a Jewish state." But they will not protest the Palestinian Constitution which establishes Islam as the only "official religion" and requires that "the principles of Islamic Sharia shall be the main source of legislation."
The writer is a professor at Harvard Law School.
(Stonegate Institute)

Students and Alumni Protest Conference -Aisling H. Crane & Melanie A. Guzman

More than 2,000 Harvard students and alumni have signed an online petition calling on the University to withdraw all financial support and distance itself from a conference considering a one-state solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict at the Harvard Kennedy School next week.

The petition opposing the conference accused the event of propagating a manifestation of "new anti-Semitism." The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs have both removed their logos from the conference website since the petition went up.
(Harvard Crimson)


LHwrites said...

Hopefully this travesty will be stopped.

Bruce said...

It will probably happen as scheduled [it's in a few days]. The best we can hope is to embarrass Harvard as much as possible.