Monday, July 02, 2012

Back Handed Compliment: Hamas Official Admits That Killing Was Too Brutal for Israeli Agents

Experts: Israel Didn't Kill Hamas Man in Damascus -Yaakov Lappin

Israel was not behind the assassination of Hamas operative Kamal Ranaja in Damascus, Israeli security experts told the Jerusalem Post.

Former senior Mossad member Rami Igra said, "Practically, it's not reasonable that Israel or a Western country would settle accounts with a man like this, at this stage, in Syria....He's not important enough....With certainty I can say, it was not Israel."
(Jerusalem Post)

Damascus Hit "Too Cruel for Mossad" -Smadar Peri

Arab media reported that Kamal Ranaja suffered a particularly brutal death. Assassins broke into his apartment, interrogated him under torture and murdered him. They then cut off his head, placed the severed body parts in a closet and set the apartment on fire.

"The Mossad would have killed him differently, this was not its MO," said Mohamed Hifawi, a member of the Local Coordination Committees in Syria on behalf of Hamas. "Israeli assassins would have done it quicker and cleaner and would not have wasted time needlessly abusing the body."

"The way the body was mutilated and the attempt to burn the house are all methods that point to the involvement of the (Syrian) security forces," he told AFP.
(Ynet News)


LHwrites said...

Backhanded compliment indeed. But probably accurate

Bruce said...

I found the second article oddly amusing, if one can find murder and dismemberment amusing. But it did give me a chuckle to read of a Hamasnik saying such a thing.